New Limited Time Event on WoW - MOP Themed

Sup everyone !?

Really excited and having high hopes regarding the new mode that will be released in next patch.

Question is…will we be able to run addons on it ? Will GSE work on it ?

Best regards all !


Hello there

Not excited one bit meself, its just a seasonal mode alternating expansions.

But for your question, too soon to know right?

We should wait PTR, and then ask @TimothyLuke


At the end of the day it comes down to two things:

  1. Is this event mod able (noting that Plunderstorm wasn’t) and is it different to Retail (doubtful)
  2. If the first works out to be true in both counts, Is it of interest to any GSE Patrons.

None of the Patch 5.x macros in the archive section will work either with or without GSE so it will also need new templates written for GSE.

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Having watched a few streams(max and towelliee) of the PTR they seemed to have DBM running during the raid.

So it’s like they are just running Retail addons in the new mode ?

Regards, m8y !

Think so i saw details and dbm running

Addons were usable on the ptr. It is Retail. Even the characters will carry over to next expac.

That means one thing: Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

Ty m8, i think it all seems to point in the direction that GSE will work just fine on MOP Remix event.