New Macro for Fury Warrior With Full Tier Set?

So, I’ve been going back and forth between Lutechi’s macro and Elfyau’s macro. Both were working (albeit not optimally), but ever since I hit my 4 piece for my tier set, I feel like my DPS has taken a big hit. I’m doing terrible DPS for a 260+ fury warrior, and I cant seem to figure out why.

Does anybody have an updated macro or any changes they might suggest to maximize my DPS? I’ve tweaked them myself and I feel if anything I’ve made them worse by trying to improve them.

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Eelfyau is updating their macros as we speak. I just saw that the hunter one (i know this is for warriors, but just listen a sec) is coming out 12th, April. So, maybe the warrior one will be around that time? Only Elfy knows. Keep watch on that thread for more info, i’m sure.

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That’s good to hear. I’m starting to get desperate lmao. I’ve been messing with the macro for days now and it’s driving me nuts!

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I know its a whole 3 months later but what covenant are you as this has a massive factor in DPS for fury

Elfyau was kind enough to write a Kyrian spec with spear of bastion + charge and even blood fury racial for Orc. Im easily able to sustain 20K on mobs with of more than 4 npcs.

M+ raids i would average 10 to 15K depending on the instance. I am geared though so that helps.