New NoMover Build 11-11-2023 The fun in Havoc Updated 19/11-23

Hey was trying to build a new No Move build for havoc, and this is what ive came up with,
Feel free to Adjust it or give tips on how to get it even better!





Usage Information

M+ Havoc
ALT - Disrupt
Shift - Retreat

I use the hunt, blur, and meta on my own and have meta macroed as a prepull macro witch is simple made in /m
/cast [@player] Metamorphosis
/use Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.43.


Thanks for this!
What is your current DPS looking like with this macro?

at start around 300k+ aoe and then settles down to around 200-150k and single target it settles around 70-90k depending on cds, crits etc, and if you dont want essence break in rotation swap it to fel barrage for a slightly bigger dmg in aoe senarious.

how does it work for you?

Need help guys, Tweak it, adjust it, break it, or any ideas are welcome!

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Breaking out the DH to give this a try. Thanks for Share.

SMOOTH … I LOVE IT!!!. The only change I had to make or wanted to make was [nochanneling] on every line to not clip EYE BEAM.

will update soon, thanks for feedback, mind showing some dps logs? :slight_smile:


Can this macro be used for PvP bro?

Depending on the talen builds, but sure i think it would work in pvp, might not be the best since im not playing pvp atm, so myself have way to little exp regarding pvp, try it out and let me know?

yeh i tried putting that [nochanneling] in myself but i must have put it in wrong place as it was spamming some in /w with [nochanneling] [nochanneling] [nochanneling] [nochanneling] lol

Could u say where u have to enter this in and is it in every box i have to put it.


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Been there before :slight_smile:
on every cast line like this

I’m just getting started on the DH as an ALT but from what I have already tested in other macros… yours is the one I prefer and feel to be performing better for me. I haven’t recorded anything of note just yet. But I am 85-90% of SIM.

ive updated the original post, should be there now

Ok nice to hear, its hard to get 100% since this build always will be 5%lower then the Movment builds, but when i have the 4pc set this build will blast hopefully :smiley:

You gotta remove nochanneling from Sigil of Fire, otherwise it will not fire. After removing the macro works like a charm

ok thanks for feedback, will fix it asap