NEw order

Hi i was wondering
when i use the enhancment macro i do good dps but when i’m manualy pressing the key’s im more or less 6/7k higher in dps
can this be do to a new order in the macro maby
this is comming from the ej site btw

lava lash
maelstrom x5 = lightning bolt
flame shock+unleased flamebuff
unleased elements
earth shock
feral spirits searing totem
maelstrom x2 lightning bolt

do note when spirit wolfs are up to use chain lightning

Kind regards Marc

Hello Marc, I can try to check if the macro can be improved. I’ll try to work on it tonight and report back whenever I’m done testing it.

Thanks it is appreciated

Ok I’m back and have some results after trial and error for a couple of hours.

While testing I made a macro with a sequence rotation that is in quotes “perfect”, but due to the maelstrom proc is interrupted to use the instant cast. Well results that isn’t so perfect after all since sometimes it will be interrupted at different times.

Other thing I notice is both of the macros (old and testing) have a returning point of origin, meaning they both at some point will be casting the same spells and the DPS in both of them are equal during this lapse of time. This makes me think that if there is an improvement with the new one it wouldn’t be that much, unless is because I’m not top raiding geared and can’t see much difference.
I might of seen 1 or 2k dps more sometimes, but also sometimes was less than the old macro. This means that maybe the cause of the spikes or burst is because of the procs of Windfury right off the bat or more often than other times. I don’t know if it scales up that much of 6 to 7k with your gear but you can give it a try.

I will create a new topic for the macro so people can test it and report if is better than the old one and discuss it.

One more thing, due to making that such “perfect rotation” it goes over the limit in characters of the macro box, meaning would have to download a macro extender addon to make it work.