New Specialist Druid Addon Pack for GS-E

Hey Everyone,

I just got a note from HiroYakamura. He has released an addon for GS-E with specialist Druid Macros:

This is a PlugIn for the new Gnome Sequencer Enhanced addon. This addon is a macro collection (macro package) intended to improve quality of life for players suffering from disability or people which can’t handle a the multitude of buttons, necessary to be handled while trying to stay competitive.

This Package includes so called “One Button” Macros for all available Druid Specializations. All Macros have been designed by me personally, based on years of experience with macro writting, as well as a lot of research on the web regarding the newest DPS, Tanking and Healing rotations.[/QUOTE]

Awesome Job and well done!


Fixed the link. I’m not qualified to drive a forum

I added the link to the AddOn page. Might have to rename it to AddOns, will start to gather a collection of links in there whenever I find one.

Just watched your video. Great stuff. I have been using GS for about six months. I edit scripts in notepad++. I also use Auto Hotkey with GS. My questions is, what do I need to do to update to GS-E? Thanks.

Hi John

There is an easy way and a slightly more work way.

I would suggest getting two mods.

  1. GS-E Tis have three folders. GS-Core, GS-SequenceEditor and GS-DraikMacros. GS-DraikMacros is like the druid one in this thread but a lot more general. If you have your sequences you can disable this and not use it.
  2. myMacros as well as the druid one mentioned above. The GS-myMacros mod is the equivalent of the Sequences.lua file in GnomeSequencer. Its divided into class.lua eg druid.lua or paladin.lua you can copy and paste into the sections here. The benefit of using this is that as I update GS-E it wont overwrite your local sequences.

This is the easy part. You could turn off GS and just use GS-E from here.

If you wanted to get the most out of GS-E you then need to add a few lines to your sequences. As a minimum you need these three

specID = 250,
author = "John Mets",
helpTxt = "As for talents (2212213) but does run real smooth if you have Heartbreaker, Soulgorge and Ossuary.",

The author and text field are free text. You can put anything you like in there just need something. The specID needs to either be the spec for the macro from specID or a classID

Thanks so much! Especially for the SpecID links!