New Suggestion

Provide a link to maybe a page that gives the commands from blizzard and what they do.

IE: /cast - command to cast a specific spell.
/use - command to consume an “on use” item .

something like that.

Macro commands this is a basic link to commands for writing macros some are out dated others not.

How ever if you ask on the discord channel normally some one will be able to help their are some ver skilled people in the chat and on forums.

am sorry I have replayed late

Thanks, this is very helpful. I dont play well with others so I avoid all the political egotistical bullshit pandering portrayed by peopl in places like discord. I prefer to learn a little myself than be treated like shit from assholes. But thats just me. I appreciate the link and am overjoyed by the compilation.

if you need a hand I do not mind helping I don’t know everything but I know a little