New to GSE and AHK script

Hello to all. Just recently discovered this site and i am very happy. I always wanted to play an UH DK but the required buttons was putiing me off from the class. I have never used GSE or AHC and i wanted to ask some questions:

  1. I have found a macro with 1 ST damage and 1 AOE damage. Is it possible to bound the F1 key for the ST and F2 for the AOE?
  2. I am interested for the “toggle part” of the macro. Is it possible to press F1 once and start firing the ST rotation and then F2 and start firing the AOE rotation?
  3. Can someone write me the AHC coding for the above keybinds?
  4. Do i need 2 AHK scripts or is it possible to be done with 1?
  5. Do i need to run WoW in windowed mode?
    Thanks in advance!

The AHK parts are outside my space but I will pass on this. This last weekend almost 200 clients were banned for using “toggle” as you described them. They forgot to toggle off after combat. Use AHK like this at your own risk.

I do not get it. Keeping down one button is not bannable but toggle is? Must have been discussed many times, but seems interesting. I do understand that with toggle people can leave the computer so it is basicly automatic. But technically the game recognize them as the same right? Like pushin button X every Y second. Better rolling the mouse wheel for sure. :smiley:

I’ll give you two examples of why a toggler was recently banned:

Person walkes their character into a spawn area, toggles on their macro so it auto tags mobs and walks away to make coffee or tabs out to check eBay or YouTube.

Person finishes a dungeon forgets to turn off their toggle and goes back to a city and stands at the bank watching trade or group finder but their toggle is still ticking away for the next hour.

Why is hold down currently being treated as different? The person is still present and still making the active decision to use the macro.

Ok, got it. Thank you. I was just wondering how they recognize the difference between hold down and toggle as both simulates the same activity. But it makes sense.