New to GSE, bannable?

Hey everyone!

So as stated, im new to GSE, and because of a hand injury it helps me quite a lot recently.

That said i’ve been searching around to find a definite answer to whether or not its bannable. I understand that if keep your 250 ms its “less likely”, but what about 100 ms or 150 ms? Is it actually “illigal” is what im trying to get at.

I am currently using my corsair software to autoclick at 250 ms. I want to go lower, but can i?

so there is no set speed the Blizz put into standards. the 250 is the speed alot of smarter people than me figured is a good number, so Blizz doesnt “think” your using a device or program to do the casting for you (or kinda ignore you more). so the faster you go, the more chance you take that a GM will notice you casting faster than a “Normal” person should. you could be caught few seconds after you start running faster or it could be years. You are the one that has to make that decision.

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GSE on its own is perfectly legal. It’s when you add an external 3rd party program to spam the button that is illegal.

See Bots, Botting and the thin grey line. and Guide: macros, WoW, you and more - #55 by TimothyLuke