New to gse have a question about the turbo function on a razor mouse?

so i am new to gse loving it so far but my question is i use a razor mouse and use synapse to hold down mouse button 4 for turbo for the gse macro is there a better way and as far as ms . i am not sure how to match ms to the 1-20 on the turbo any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!

I also use Razor Naga Synapse and I don’t know what you are referring to when you say “Turbo” I see no Turbo settings on my Razor mouse

You can use turbo option in ex Mouse Function. Where it says Left Click in picture you can choose what button you wanna use.

For ex i have choosen Mouse Button 4 and 4 clicks per second. This means 250ms. If you choose 7 its 143ms, 10 its 100ms and so on.

I personally dont use this way, i use the macro function instead.

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i have not been able to figure out how to use the macro function any advice on that ?? or a link to a helpful page or website?

How to create macros in Synapse

This is where i learned how to create synapse macros. Everything you need is on internet these days so just search and you will find.

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thanks for the info…