New to Macro Addon, How effective are they?


I am new to the forum here, and I have been reading through a few of the posts about the Macrotoolkit. I am very interested in this addon, but I have a few concerns/questions. Currently I do use some simple macros ie: /target, /cast and /use. I’ve had some folks in the game (WoW) suggest /cast sequence macros, which I have tried a few and some impressed me and others were not that great. What I’ve found to be problematic with most sequence macros is the inability to cast Proc spells within a timely manner. I did find a nice macro for my shaman on these forums that looked promising.

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence Lightning Bolt
/castsequence Lava Burst!
/castsequence reset=9 Flame Shock,Unleash Elements,Lava Burst,Earth Shock,Lava Burst

this was posted by “Martin

The problem i have with a macro like this is:

  1. It does not cast “Lava Burst” on proc (it waits til it’s normal cast location in the macro)
  2. It will cast “Earth Shock” before the 7th stack on Lightning Shield (ex: sometimes it casts with 3 stacks and some times with 6)
  3. The macro does not include “Elemental Blast” ( I know this is trivial just making a note of it)

Thank you Martin for your macro post and I mean no disrespect by picking on your macro. I’m merely using it as an example.

So, I guess my main question is…
If i download this addon, will the ability to have more character spacing actually give the ability to create macros that will react to all spell procs (in a timely manner) and also be able to have an extended sequence to truely get a large rotation into one button spam?

I would hate to go through the work to save all my current macros, download the addon, re-enter all my old macros and make new macros just to find out this will not work as I am understanding it.

Thank you in advance to anyone that replys.

Okey well I’m not an expert on these type of macro’s but from what I gather, these macro’s are only really amazing, on faceroll classes e.g Enchan Shaman/rogues/dk’s/warriors… because as you said, they don’t really require a lot of cast proc spells or moves, thus making it easier to control how they use their spells effectively.

I’ve also noticed the same about the Proc spells. and from what I gather I think these macro’s will only be that effective for those type of classes if Blizzard brought out a new command line that allowed you to prio those spells if such a move is proc’d.

e.g /cast Arcane Shot (If.Thrill of the Hunter active)

naturally that wont be the command but you get the idea behind it.

I hope this information helps you…

Please look at the Elemental Shammy thread. There are macros there to help you.