New to Razer Basilisk

He gang! So I bought the above product hoping to get more familiar with the macros used with this mouse. I have googled and youtube some vids on how to use it. But it goes a bit fast for my (older ) brains. Any suggestions or instructions on how to insert these macros with the Razer Basilisk mouse?

Thank you.

Edit: Guys, I have not seen a response yet although I would love to see someone addressing this. I have reviewed some of these clips. Can someone explain (slower) about the recording part. Thank you.

I use the Razer Synapse some. Although I use the 2.21 version. I had trouble using the newer software. I mean if you had some specific questions I may be able to help

Hi Jonny! I am not trying to fall into repeat with these questions. Some I have seen repeated here. I tried to find the old threads. They may have ben deleted. Regarding programming the synapse. When indicated the speed/ms ex 70 ms I ensert this as .70ms or 70.0 ms?

I am pretty sure for the razer software it would be 0.70 And from there depending on the macros you are using you may have to adjust fire. Hope this helps