New to the Site. Need help figuring out a few things

Hi, so I’m new to the Site and I’ve been trying out some of the Macros for my Hunter & Paladin. While they seem to be working…I’ve got a few questions.

Is there any way to know the skill Queue for the Macro, and is there any way to edit it by say removing a skill from it? I believe you can do that in the GSE, but I have no idea how. Just want to create a separate macro without specific GCDs, so as to I’m not wasting it on a Trash pack.

Also, a lot of the Macros seems to have variations but I have no idea how you use the different variations. Most of them have just one Macro command, yet they seem to have different variations.

There is a theory on how the program and/ or wow selects the spell rotation, but if you run it at a fast ms then it doesnt quite work as intended

Yes, here is a list:

  • Open game and load character (obviously)
  • In game type /gs in chat to open the gnome sequencer editor
  • Select the macro you want and click “edit”
  • When you open the menu, you will see some general info but to select the variant, focus your attention at the number at the bottom (make the screen bigger by dragging the corner out, then you can see them all)
  • Default version is the one that will be used when alone, and all of the other number selections are self explanitory
  • After selecting the version you want to use there, you can then go to the corresponding tab
  • Once in the tab, just add, remove, or modify the spells as you like and hit save and you should be good to go
  • Ensure the macro icon is on your bar, if not you can drag it from the menu to the bar or if it is a book icon, you need to click create icon and then drag it there

I hope that helped a little bit, if not zou can reply or check the guide here it is kinda outdated but you can get the idea.

To do this, you can either do just that and make a seperate macro that has everything in it, or you can just add all of the burst spells on a modifier key like this example using alt as the modifier key:
/cast [mod:alt] Buff
/cast [mod:alt] Buff
/cast [mod:alt] burst spell
/cast [mod:alt] burst spell 2

You can use alt, ctrl, and shift for sure as modifier keys, but im not 100% sure about any others. If using modifier key, you can put things like that in your key press because the game doesnt register them till you press that modifier key. Once you press that key, it will only cast those spells if it is in the key press section so its good if you want to for sure get out your buffs before you start your rotation. beware though bc not all spells work properly in all sections, at least with the modifier keys. And also beware, you never want to put any spells in the keypress section because the addon/ game will want to only use that spell so thats why you need the modifier keys if placing them there so you can turn them on or off if you know what i mean.

I think i already explained this in one of the other replies, or did you mean something different?

Thank you for the reply. Just a few more things…so I do see things like “Key Press” “Pre Macro” “Sequence” in the Macro page, and with their specific command lines for skills. If I’m understanding right, all of it is part of the entire Macro. Meaning to say, the 1 Button Macro contains all of the above?

If you hover your mouse over those boxes an explanation in the form of a Tooltip is given on the function of said boxes. But they aren’t necessarily used all the time for a macro.

Yes they are, at a minimum in theory how the macro is used. Keypress is used everytime when the key is pushed down then you have pre macro that is used (when it is its turn (that has to do with loop limit)) before the macro i would think, then macro, but here you can have the macro loop a few times then go to post and back to pre. You also have key release which is a spell that should be used when the key is raised. I may be wrong, and as @Deezyl_Fizzlepop said, the Editor has tooltips when you highlight the box. Also @TimothyLuke has explained multiple times in a few threads, and maybe its own thread how GSE macros work Here is a link to something i quickly found there could be other more informative things out there too though.

I have a question i cannot find the answer to. For this excercise we will say all commands are in the sequence or macro window with sequential set. As I understand, GSE tries each line in order everytime you press the key but how does it handle cast sequence commands? Does it try every thing in the sequence then move on or does it try the first command then wait for the next loop? Ie…
/Cast a
/Castsequence b, c, d
/Cast e

For spam key presses does it try
a, b, c, d, e
a, b, e, a, c, e, a, d, e?

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