New User, How to momentarily pause a toggled macro to use a skill on demand?

Thank God for GS-E I am so glad I found this. I have severe nerve issues that stem from a neck injury, and I use DB-Guardian for the first time last night and Cried and went on to successfully tank like 5 dungeons in a row.

I use a programmed key on my keyboard to toggle the macro on and off, but my issue is that sometimes I would like to use stampeding roar for boss mechanics but the macro wont let it go off. Is there either an in-game command that I can in-game macro into my stampeding roar key, or a seperate GS-e macro I could use for these and other on-demand types of skills. The same goes for interrupts and such.

Thanks so much for this, and this community is a Godsend.

The problem is your toggling the macro on and off. There is nothing ingame that can detect or interact with this. If you changed your macro to instead of a toggle was on keypress ie hold 2 for example you could then just press an alternative key for stampede etc