[New User] I'm Clearly Still not Understanding how 'MS Click Rate' Works in Practice

So after doing some reading and video watching, I still can’t get MS Click Rate or any sort of ‘delay block’ to do anything.

I’ve tried making my own basic LoopBlock containing ActionBlocks and Pause Blocks / as well as using popular pre-made macros with Pauses and different global MS Click Rate settings (usually 250 default and 3000), I don’t notice any change in how the script behaves, it always evaluates / increments as fast as I can push the button(s).

I would have figured setting both a ‘global’ and in macro multi-second delay would have been obvious if I was doing it correctly…Where am I going wrong?

Please ignore everything in @rolltide73 post. It will send you in completely the wrong direction.

I would suggest instead looking at GSE’s official documentation: GSE3.0 Block Specification · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler Wiki · GitHub


I really need to stop responding to posts while enjoying Jack n Coke. My answer had absolutely nothing to do with his post. My apologies Boddole…I will remove it.

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