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I am looking for help on how to make a macro use my death ray trinket and at the end of the channeling for the trinket, immediately cast eviscerate. I’ve tried recording it but when I click the macro icon nothing happens. Also when looking through different macros on the site, none of them explain what the macro does. Is this intentional? Thank you for all replies in advance.

Edit: The problem with the macro is that the death ray trinket channels, and it’s casting eviscerate and breaking the channeling instead of waiting until the channeling is complete.

You need to put [nochanneling] on every other line of your macro. Eg:

/cast [nochanneling] evoserate

As to the other - it’s up to the individual posters to describe their macro and why you should look at their macro. Unfortunately they are the only ones who know why they have laid it out a particular way.

Thank you for your reply. The top one doesn’t work, and the bottom one will work but after I click it once, I have to wait until the channeling is complete, then click it again for the eviscerate . If I spam it, it will interrupt the channeling.I’m trying to figure a way that I can spam it so that I don’t have to time it perfect. I want the death ray and eviscerate to hit very close to the same time.
Edit: Could it be since the trinket is technically not a spell? Is there a no channeling command to use for a channeling trinket?

#showtooltip Gnomish Death Ray
/cast Gnomish Death Ray
/cast [nochanneling] Eviscerate(Rank 8)

#showtooltip Gnomish Death Ray
/castsequence reset=combat Gnomish Death Ray, Eviscerate(Rank 8)

Botton one - good luck. Mixing mods on castsequence is always problematic.

Top one I might have the spelling wrong for nochanneling (I always confuse double n and double l) but that is how it should be. I’m assuming your using GSE so you would need to spam the key as if you are channeling it would go back to the eviserate line. You also don’t need the #showtoltip line with GSE as it will auto swap between the GDR and Eviserate.

If you are not using GSE then ignore everything you have written as you will need to google up the exact settings as you are then using a normal WoW macro and they work differently.

Wow I wasn’t using GSE and thought just installing it meant that I was lol. The top macro works like a charm using GSE thank you so much!! You’re awesome.

Hey, I was wondering since I have your attention could you assist me with an expose armor sap macro. My intention is to sap and cast expose armor without breaking sap. I’ve heard you must be in a 180 degree angle for it to work. I’ve gone around the target in circles and it just won’t work at all. Thank you for any help in advance, and I really hate to be always so needy. My apologies

You can’t macro something like that. The is no way of determining u you our angle to the target

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