Newbie trying to get started

Hello all,

I have leeched many great macros on here and have been enjoying them, so thanks.

I wanted to try a simple one myself, although it has not worked out so well.

Can you guys help me with this very simple macro.

/cast Frostbolt
/cast Water Jet
/cast Ice Lance

Basically the ice lance does not cast. Is there a way to make the macro wait until frostbolt has finished channeling?

Many thanks!

Hi Jeff

try this

Sequences['FrostM'] = {
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
'/cast [nochanneling] Frostbolt',	
'/cast [nochanneling] Waterbolt',
'/cast [nochanneling] Ice Lance',
PostMacro = [[


Awesome. Thanks!!

Also just to clarify, It will take 4 clicks to execute this macro right?

What is the purpose of the post macro /start attack?

Yes its a click macro :slight_smile: