(newest fdk macro) Nova_Frost_DW Leveling 70-80

Hello! I tried a lot of Frost DK macros and they didn’t work for me well so I decided to have a go at making my own and it may help you guys as well! What I focus on in this build is spreading out diseases quick as possible for AOE game play but it’s still decent for single target. I’m quite new at it so it took me a while to make it work but I believe it works fairly well.
If you are having trouble firing off some abilities make sure the ranks are your own inside the macro. Just delete the rank and number (rankX) inside the bracket and click an open area on the gse panel and it will automatically fill in to your highest rank. make sure you do for all abilities. Once I reach max level I will (maybe) update it to the max ranks.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to make it better or simply wish to say anything about this macro then please let me know in the comments! You may alter and use this as you wish but if you find the one you altered is better, please share so I can test and possibly update if it is better. I simply wish to make a macro that will work for everyone and I can do so with the help of people who know more on how to set this up more than I do haha
I also have it set up to use alt and control cast modifiers for situations!

/cast [mod:ctrl] Unbreakable Armor
/cast [mod:ctrl] Blood Tap
/cast [mod:ctrl] Anti-Magic Shell
/cast [mod:alt] Mind Freeze

Also note Death and Decay is not in the macro because it’s very situational but you may add it if you wish. I suggest you make a new macro specific for your character with:
/use [@player]Death and Decay

This will cast D&D on top of you without aiming it how ever if you prefer the mobility of it for placement just use it like usual.


^not too sure how to add code into a single line like you see in most posts so sorry for the long code lol

what is your current build for this?

sorry old link didnt work but heres new 1. for the third major glyph use the glyph of howling blast

thank you !! i’ll have to go find a new secondary weapon and give it a go!

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sounds awesome! hope you like it!

A pretty good macro, it just doesn’t turn on a few times when I kill someone and immediately go to someone else. I have to click the mouse

i cant say im 100% what you mean by doesnt turn on a few times. and what do you mean you have to click the mouse?

when I spam the macro, nothing happens, it turns on when I right-click on someone or spell Auto Attack.
I’m sorry, I don’t speak English, I’m using the Translator

make sure your spell ranks are the same as your current ranks. if not, delete the text inside the brackets and click out of the action box and it will auto replace to your current highest rank spell.