No cast lightning bolt?

Is there a way to add lightning bolt into a macro that’s already out there, like @Elfyau or @Rekt macros, but only cast if it’s instant? So they don’t actually have the cast time? Thanks lads

No the macro has no way of knowing if the spell is proccing. That is why I have it in a mod key.

ok ty bro, your macro is sick.

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just keep moving, you cant cast if your moving, therefore casts will be instant once they hit 5 mal if you set up in a macro to cast w/e

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There used to be back in WoD, when you had a spell you added ! in front of it like

/cast !pyroblast

those were the good days.

Ahh no adding a ! Still means the same thing it has for the last 18 years.

! Is a toggle but if it’s on don’t turn it off like
/cast !volley or /cast !Devotion Aura

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Woh seriously, I thought that had been disabled as I no longer see it in macros especially mage macros.

Cause in retail it only applies to Slice N Dice and Volley.