No skipping spells

hi is there an option that i can turn on that no spell that is ready will be skipped?

Yes this is possible however to do so you need to only manually press the macro once the GCD is up and ready. If you are spamming the button either automatically or manually this simply isn’t possible.

GSE has no way to tell if your current action will succeed or fail. When you click it sends a bunch of commands to the server and moves on to the next action. The second it looks at potential success or failure, it can no longer cast spells. This is Blizzards antibotting limitation and not something GSE can bypass.

And yes before someone ignorantly pipes in with the “WeakAuras can see and it’s a mod why can’t GSE” what did you cast with WeakAuras in combat recently? Mods like GSE and WeakAuras can either cast stuff or look at stuff. They can’t do both.