Non-GS Bear Tank Macro

So I made this macr and thought I would share it for clickers or ppl that want a real simple rotation and 1-click spam.

#showtooltip /cast [stance:0/2/3/4/5] !Bear Form; /castsequence [btn:1][btn:3] reset=4/ Moonfire, Swipe, Thrash, Mangle, Moonfire, Moonfire, Swipe,Thrash, Mangle, Ironfur;Frenzied Regeneration, Ironfur /use 13 /use 14

It will shift you in to Bear Mode and then cycle through all the bear dps (except Maul, because that eats too much Rage)

As a bonus if you right click the macro it will cast your Bear heal (Frenzied Regeneration AND Ironfur)

It does hang very very rarely if your are rage-starved, but as soon as you get some rage it will carry on or you can click another action to reset it. Works on Target change as well.

Try it out and see if you can improve it.