Not saving or updating

I made a few simple macros using GSE but now some do not work and just come up ?.

Now I tried to make a simple 3 line macro in a raid last night and after I can not make changes or make any new macros.

When I make a new macro “hello world” or any , I press save, then close, go back to /gse and it not there. Same happens when I try to edit any of my macros.

I am ok resetting my whole gse back to original and redoing the macos because they were simple.

I tried to go into wow WTF folder and delete gse lua and bak file when wow closed and then unistall gse and come back, but when I do all my simple macros are still there and I cant save or update anything and my macros are non working ? signs.

I messed this thing up beyond repair and am now dependent upon gse because I am really slow at buttons

reset me or help me please!!

the not saving, might be from you having to many macros saved. i have the same issue and looked and saw i had more than the 18 allowed for said character. not sure why its not updating macros.

no I know that, I only have 13 macros in the player specific macros

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ok, it was the first thought i had. lol sounds like one of the creators might know this answer better than me. :slight_smile:

ok so I found on another topic to use
/gse forceclean

now I can save addons…back to the drawing board