Nothing works

My macro was ok till update a few weeks ago now non of them work they are all still in my specific macro for each character but when I key press nothing happens at all an any of them , even after I deleted it all in my addons folder and re downloaded

Ok I have got it going at last with the sample macros , can some one explain how I get a macro I see on the forums into the program please do I still so it with note editor?

Hello Barry, try to click the save button in edit mode for each macro and see if that works. If not try to delete the macro icon and recreate it and give it a try again.

Do you use Edge or Internet Explorer browsers? They tend to output extra stuff, so is better to do it with Chrome or Firefox.

If is not browser related then you can always try to backup your WTF folder and delete it to test the addon settings from scratch to see if there is any old stuff that is messing it up.

If still not working after a fresh install, I am not sure where to proceed from there, but can always go to Discord chat and try to seek help there.

What I cant work out is where I put a new macro I find into gs2 I used to copy paste and use notepad to add the macro in the lua file but I cant seem to do it it wont work or I cant find the macro once I copy and paste I guess I need rto do it in game? in gsse? if so how please

You open up the sequencer viewer through /gs while ingame.
You will be presented with a blank screen and a number of option buttons at the bottom.

Choose Import and then paste the macro into that box. Hit Save

It should show you the macro on that window now with either a blue book or a ? If it’s the book highlight the macro name until Create Icon lights up and then hit that, it will change from the blue book to a ? once it’s a ? you then drag that to your action bar then you’re good to go

says macro unable to be imported , after I copy and paste from forum , so its the imort macro button where I see the blue books with my sam macros? then hit import and copy paste the macro? which I did and says unable to import :frowning:

check if the macros are ending correctly.

Most post half finished macros’s here or dont watch
what they actually copied.

The most common mistake made is the ending.

It should end like


storage (string storage) 2 unexpected symbol near? what does it mean

If you post what you are trying to use I can help more.

The storage string error message means you have a garbage blank space that gse doesn’t know how to interpret so won’t import.

umm its actually your vengeance macro the really long one :slight_smile: sorry to be a pain

you prolly didnt notice that something should be in one line
that is copied into two lines onto the forum.

Are you using Edge as your browser or Internet Explorer?


I mean edge

Hello Barry,

Like I said previously, do not use Edge. Download Google Chrome or Firefox and try again.

Doing it now will report back

The reason for this is Edge is adding in garbage spaces which GSE cannot interperate, it’s something to do with how it does text encoding. Internet Explorer will interperate the spaces into double line spacing which causes problems too.

This is why it’s best to use Chrome or Firefox which don’t have these kinds of issues.

Spot on mate it now works :slight_smile: thankyou for all your help too