Now raid is out

which marco you tested to be best for uldir raid? I’ve tested all of your macro, the dps is still low (I dont know if its my side or marco’s but I use AHK). Right now Im at 335 with 2 power of the moon azerite and 1 streaking star azerite trait. Please let me know so I can use your macro for uldir raid. thanks.

you can use any macro to raid, if youre looking for purple parses youre in the wrong place, the macros are unable to do the rotation perfectly

nah, Im not looking for parse. Just want good dps thats it. XD Parse is not important for me. Just important is dps and following mech, thats it. :slight_smile:

The ST and MT that Tiggis posted get me in the top 5 of each pull in Uldir, i created my own macro to use while running from bad shit so I am still dpsing while moving, it isnt perfect but again, it isnt awful. I am 345

Im killing it with my destruction warlock, balance druid and resto druid macros

Would you mind sharing your movement macro? That’s the one issue I’m having right now my dps dropping too much when I have to move a lot.