Can anyone tell me if this is a valid delay tactick.

castsequence spell1, spell3
castsequence null, null
castsequence spell2, spell4,
castsequence null, null

The idea is to have a delay between spells, does GSE do a delay (of sorts) when its looking at the “null” spell?

So, above, we would cast spell1, null, spell2, null, spell4, null (and back to spell1)

Null is garbage, means nothing.
That’s why it’s used in a castsequence, it can’t execute that spell so it will never progress past that line. It will just freeze up the macro if you do this.

if you add it to a /cast it will just simply ignore it, will not help create a delay

Ok, so “null” is not skipped over, my understanding of GSE was that it would skip over anything that is not available or ready to be cast (I guess that means a really spell that can be cast but is on CD at the time)

So, GSE cycles through the castsequence but stalls on anything that is not “talented” or anything it dosnt understand.

That’s a bummer!