Oak Ret Pally Dragonflight - It works... Updated for 10.0.7 (3/21/23) - See New Version in Other Thread

NEW VERSION CAN BE FOUND HERE Oak Ret Pally Macro Overhaul (a 2.0 of sorts) - (4/22/23)

Oak Ret Pally Dragonflight - It works… Even better… and now for 10.0.7

I tried it with the Wowhead Hybrid Single Target Focused Raid Build and Their M+ Build.
Find the TALENTS on Wowhead here… Best Retribution Paladin Talent Tree Builds - Dragonflight 10.0.7 - Wowhead

ctrl will fire word of glory at 3 holy power

I dont know why or how but I played with a lot of different ret macros, all were decent but didnt seem to fire quite right. So I started fresh and this is what I got. I fire it fast at 50ms.

I have nomod in the main sequence so you can have almost anything else hotkeyed with a modifier to still fire

Hold CTRL for Word of Glory Heal


Single Target





Single Target Video

AOE Video


tysvm for making this macro i will test it out when i get a chance on my ret pally and let you know what i think again tysvm for your work on this macro

Thank you for sharing this. I’ve been trying out a few different macros, and while I have a decent Protection spec set up, I’ve been struggling with Retribution. This is looking really good so far, much better than my previous ones. I’ll keep using it for a while and will be happy to offer feedback.


You’re welcome. TBH, I’m surprised how well it’s working for me. I’ve tried pretty much every ret macro on here and it wasn’t until I stripped down and started from scratch using mainly repeat blocks with different intervals that things started to fall into place.

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Thanks much for this, I also had tried other Ret pally ones from here for the rare time I go DPS (LFR) and was always almost bottom of DPS. With this I sat top 10 most of it.

so i been testing out your macro @OAK and while a little bit of fine tuning i think is needed over all its abazing asf .

now what i mean by fine tooning its just miner things like time of some spells and missing a few passive or talents that i feel help out like the inproved glory heal but that might be me that like it but as i said this is really a great macro . one last thing there is one spell or ability in them acro i would rather so manully Divine Toll but that just might be my prefrence again i cant state this enhuff amazing macro tysvo for it and please keep up the great work

Just tested this macro and can confirm the ST macro works… very well!

I’d love to see the finetuning Arnold suggested.

In the AOE macro there are moments it just auto attacks for a few seconds.

The ST Macro working but idk why the AOE Macro dosen’t working…

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So, it is what it is, but I’ve only just noticed when I exported this to the forums, it doesnt seem to have kept the repeat block intervals. My version is working, but what I’ve imported from here, my own export mind you, just has every repeat block with an interval of 1. SMH?!

Good luck, but your mileage may vary

How many MS for this macor ?
THX for your work

Fast as fuk boi. DPDPDPDP


the talent tree you posted

the single target macro uses this same macro as well?

Working pretty good. good job with it.

Sorry, when I edited the OP I must of pasted over the talents. Updated the OP.
Currently using the recommended wowhead talent build. However, it works with other builds as well, so use what works best for you.

Thanks. It’s still not perfect, but no GSE macro will be. It works for what I need it for. I still find myself firing the occasional ability manually when needed. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of changes will be needed with the 10.0.7 class rework.


Been using this on my 394 paladin, both ST and AOE flows really well and are more up to date with the “best” rotation than others in my opinion. Performs well in both m+16 and raid.
Well done mate!

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hm is aoe with aoe specc i use all the time?
i have st on 2 and aoe on ctrl 2 and yeah ctrl 2 dont work ^^

okay got it idk why but this nomod,combat is meh i changed all to nochanneling now its works verry verry well thank u verry much =)

Sorry if these seem like really goofy questions. I’m relatively new to some of the GSE stuff and the new talent tree so bear with me plz… How can you have a talent tree for ST and AOE? When you talk about firing off at 50ms, are you putting that into GSE timing or something like AHK? I’m asking cause I use a Corsair and have mine set to 250ms. I get confused if different macros fire off better with different speeds, do I need to edit my settings on every toon? Once again, sorry if these questions seem goofy, but I’d like to be more of a help in groups that I’ve played with lately. Just LFR dungeons, sometimes I’m not doing too much DPS. Just wondering if I’m doing all of this wrong lol

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Hello there. When talking about 50ms, it is indeed the speed set in Corsair and AHK. I pref AHK myself and have scripts made for 50ms all the way up to 275ms for both my “Q” and “E” that I use.
So in my case I start my Q-50ms script and E-50ms script in AHK for this macro.
If its 1-2 mobs I just hold down my Q button for ST DPS, and if its 3+ mobs I hold down my E button.
When it comes to GSE itself its not much settings to do unless you want to modify the macro someone made to deactivate stuff you want to control yourself. In my case that is Divine Toll normally so I just hook off the “Disable block” button :slight_smile:
If you look around here on the forum a bit you will see @Elfyau have made a great post explaining how MS works and how to set it up properly :slight_smile:

Here is the link to that post: