Oak Ret Pally Macro DF 10.2.6/7 - Season 4 Update #3 - UPDATED BASIC VERSIONs (4/27/24)

can you send logs from M+ and Raid?

if you scroll up you will see my raid log.

can you share logs from all bosses?

Kinda pointless as i change talents from ST to AOE or even Cleave depending on the boss. Not sure what you wanna see in them.

maybe can sound strange huh…ok for all macros u done and tips but where are the talents u are using?

Incredible! Do you use AHK or other? I’m just getting started with GSE and my paladin.

Yeah AHK with a script i wrote to automate keys 1-4 and runs at 120ms

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can u link ur talents for raid and mythic pluses thanks^^ a lot in advance bro

I use wowhead’s own. They are all laid out depending on what you want…

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yo u updating this for season 3?

plz friend @OAK can u updating this for season 3?

Really aren’t any changes in 10.2, so i wouldn’t image the macro needs updating.

It seems to work well for me still. Maybe figure out a way to do a few more judgements once you have 4-set. Other than that, it’s good.

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wich talents people using for this one, and yes i know wowhead, but there is like 7 build for raids and 7 for mythic+ :smiley: so if someone could point out wich one has been working nicely with this profile :smiley: Thank you

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How do you set the spell queue?

Hey, I just downloaded the Advanced Interface Options add-on. Once you reload the game, go to the Escape menu, click on Options, then Addons, and finally AIO. From there, click the Combat tab and adjust the slider to your preference.

love the macro still working well in high keys and with legend axe!!!

thanks you

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Gone through pretty much every macro for ret pally and this is pushing the highest numbers in both raid and mythic+. Done a wicked job!

Hello i have a big Problem… the Marko GSE Cycling but not casting any help?