off topic maybe...

due to being autistic/developmentally challenged…lol i hate that term i, a very intelligent and intellectual person but the macro part of my brain was damaged (no i know…just trying to make sure people dont get depressed lmao) i will never be able to comprehend certain things, but for most that are ASD autism spectrum disorder for those that didnt know) one thing we do learn about is people, kindness anger happy sad…to each extremem…and what i have learned about the dang people on this page and site and thier “help”…well dammit its been amazing and coming from someone on asd you can bet its honest…a side effect maybe of asd lol…understand i use humor when it gets to me,i fully understand what it means…just not something i enjoy dealing with alone as any person on the spectrum, so when i find not just nice or kind people…wherever that my be…even when they are on a page that is involved with something i will never understand or be able to type and it takes alot of typing if youre smart enough…not like me but smart and a typer…i know my words and sentences are broken but my thoughts are complete…anyways i really am grateful to all of you…i kind of like coming here even if im not trying to learn…and i just llook at the forums and think…wowwww all these people are actually nice people…in REAL LIFE lmao…but truly from whatever makes me me…deep down…i thnak you each and everyone for allowing me somehing that has never happened often in my life…a real smile and the thought that maybe someone will like me but truly also understand or at least research and try and understand…its appreciated by me when others try and after my very first post…the first responses were just straight kindness…oh…i also tend to ramble lol…p.s. i do rambble but i do get to my point…i love telling stories…was my favorite part of my life…i was agreat story writer/dungeon master for 11 years and a player for 7 before that…so i ask forgivneness for my stories so to speak

I am happy to know that your experience with the community it has been positive. They always have been very helpful and I thank them for all they have done to contribute.

Enjoy the stay :slight_smile:

yes they have been responsive…i hope they understand the slowness in understanding …i.e didnt even realize how to use or even that there was a profile and messages i just kept looking in the forum sigh its all good an than you to the community once again :slight_smile: