Olen's Simple Boomkin(dragonflight)

Hello all!

I just came back to the game again, and have been using my old GSE setup nicely with the new dragonflight expansion so I am making this just so people have another way to play with GSE as a Boomkin.

Essentially this macro sequence does the following:

  • Casts Moonkin form if not in another form(or will start casting spells which will take you out of your form and then into Moonkin).
  • Casts Sun/Moonfire on new targets OR after not clicking macro for 3 seconds(*easiest reset option for myself and easily changed where it says reset=target/3 just change the number to the amount of seconds you want before it tries to repeat sun/Moonfire *).
  • Casts Wrath/Starfire on demand with the alt condition(easily changed for others preferences to shift/ctrl etc).
  • Casts Starsurge as soon as enough Astral Power is attained. Also, when holding SHIFT: will cast Starfall for AOE instead of Starsurge for single target.
  • Casts Barkskin/Celestial Alignment before anything else if they are off cooldown. Also, uses both trinkets on cooldown(can uncheck the boxes at the bottom of the GSE macro editing window to change item usages VERY easily)
  • Will automatically select a new target if you kill yours or have nothing targeted so BE VERY CAREFUL

It is also formatted super simply so you can add in other spells/buffs/item usages.

The basic format is this:

You don’t need to be in a specific form or have any targets to use this macro. You can simply run close enough to an enemy mob, and start clicking the macro. As you are spamming it with no modifier keys it will: Cast Moonkin form, cast Barkskin, cast Celestial Alignment, and use any trinkets you have equipped. If any of these are on cooldown, it will go to the next sequence and cast Sunfire and Moonfire, then wrath over and over, while casting Starsurge when you gain enough Astral Power. If you hold Alt, it will still cast all the buffs listed and use all items equipped, but instead of wrath it will cast Starfire. This is so when you have a solar eclipse you just hit the macro, and when you have a lunar eclipse, you just have to hold alt while hitting the macro.

In addition, if you hold shift during ANY of this(whether or not you are holding alt this DOES work) it will cast Starfall for AOE damage instead of Starsurge like normal for the single target dps.

ALSO: i have /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() insterted in the macro so you dont have to see “ITEM NOT READY” spam on the top of your screen while using the macro, so if you are encountering some issue you are attempting to troubleshoot, you may remove that to see the error messages.

Here is the Import Sequence:


I’m sure there are better talent choices, and I am currently lvl 62 so I know I am missing points there as well. All input is welcome.

please update, this is awesome macro.