Olen's Simple Boomkin(wow 9.2; gse 3.0.61)


I made this macro just over 1 year ago and have recently come back to update it with the new GSE look and feel. I believe its about the simplest and most efficient macro for balance druids, or it is at least the best I have found regardless of me being the one putting it together.

Essentially this macro sequence does the following:

  • Casts Moonkin form if not in another form(or will start casting spells which will take you out of your form and then into Moonkin).
  • Casts Sun/Moonfire on new targets OR after not clicking macro for 3 seconds(*easiest reset option for myself and easily changed where it says reset=target/3 just change the number to the amount of seconds you want before it tries to repeat sun/Moonfire *).
  • Casts Wrath/Starfire on demand with the alt condition(easily changed for others preferences to shift/ctrl etc).
  • Casts Starsurge as soon as enough Astral Power is attained. Also, when holding SHIFT: will cast Starfall for AOE instead of Starsurge for single target.
  • Casts Barkskin/Celestial Alignment before anything else if they are off cooldown. Also, uses both trinkets on cooldown(can uncheck the boxes at the bottom of the GSE macro editing window to change item usages VERY easily)
  • Will automatically select a new target if you kill yours or have nothing targeted so BE VERY CAREFUL

It is also formatted super simply so you can add in other spells/buffs/item usages.

The basic format is this:

You don’t need to be in a specific form or have any targets to use this macro. You can simply run close enough to an enemy mob, and start clicking the macro. As you are spamming it with no modifier keys it will: Cast Moonkin form, cast Barkskin, cast Celestial Alignment, and use any trinkets you have equipped. If any of these are on cooldown, it will go to the next sequence and cast Sunfire and Moonfire, then wrath over and over, while casting Starsurge when you gain enough Astral Power. If you hold Alt, it will still cast all the buffs listed and use all items equipped, but instead of wrath it will cast Starfire. This is so when you have a solar eclipse you just hit the macro, and when you have a lunar eclipse, you just have to hold alt while hitting the macro.

In addition, if you hold shift during ANY of this(whether or not you are holding alt this DOES work) it will cast Starfall for AOE damage instead of Starsurge like normal for the single target dps.

ALSO: i have /script UIErrorsFrame:Hide() insterted in the macro so you dont have to see “ITEM NOT READY” spam on the top of your screen while using the macro, so if you are encountering some issue you are attempting to troubleshoot, you may remove that to see the error messages.

Here is the Import Sequence:


Please let me know if you have any issues/comments/concerns/suggestions with the macro.



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Hello, not bad, but the dots dont want to fire. Idk why.

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Will it cast starsurge while you hold a mod button for wrath or starfire? I looked at it, but haven’t been able to test. I like the look of it.

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Not sure about the DoTs like we spoke about on discord Mark(if thats you xD) as it works fine on my end

and Pitlord: yes it does fire them either way since they are in the keypress section and not the main sequence, so it tries to fire them off first, with the null listed after the 2 though they wont be fired over and over, they will be fired 1 time each, and will only fire again once you have a new target, or dont click the macro for 1 second and let it reset

***oh, sorry i thought you said moonfire >< but yeah the starsurge is a on a separate line and it tries to shoot it off first, then looks at the next line and if alt is pressed or not, as well as having starsruge listed as a keyrelease, so it will try to cast it at the end of each loop as well

Howdy @Olen!!

Nice 'lil macro you got here, it’s very simple but yet effective.

One question about this macro, No Starfall?
You have Starsurge firing as soon as 30 AP is generated and there is no way to generate the 50 AP for Starrfall.

As a workaround, I added Starfall with a modifier on shift, so press and hold shift key until 50 AP and Starfire will fire. Looks like this:

/cast [mod:shift] Starfall; [nomod:shift] Starsurge

Other than that I like this simple, not overcomplicated macro, good job!



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love the macro made some changes as i run balance of all things which gives me lots o crit on entering eclipse so i put starsurge on an alt modifier starfall on shift


Usage Information

Enjoy and leave me a <3 on my help link page below if you enjoy this macro :slight_smile:

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.6.41.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Barkskin, Celestial Alignment

KeyPress: Moonfire, Moonkin Form, Sunfire

Main Sequence: Wrath, Starsurge, Starfire, Starfall

KeyRelease: Starsurge, Starfall


no problem at all guys, mod the crap out of it and make it work for you, seems like everyone has their own tweaks they like to see with stuff to make it their own and all that :slight_smile:

and about the starfall, i dont use it on the macro as i tend to cast it myself either before or after using convoke the spirits as its a huge astral builder.

The main reason i didnt do anything more complex with shift/alt/ctrl etc is because i personally use 3 hotkey bar rows at the bottom of my screen with them hotkeyed for no mod, shift, and ctrl, so alt is really the only way i can have a modifier on any macro i run, but especially with how simple of a macro it really is, it shouldnt be any issue to change about anything you like to how you want it

it was my first attempt at making a macro on GSE, and has been years since ive messed with the macro system, so any insight/knowledge/critique is welcome as long as its contructive and whatnot xD

oh, and thats not the full version of the macro i use, i also have it cast a few more buffs as well as use an active skill on a trinket i use to DPS, so its def able to be modified, the main thing for me is just having a 1 click macro that i dont have to worry about the wrong spell going off at the wrong time etc :slight_smile:

and PLEASE, for the LOVE OF NATURE, you guys should all consider looking into making some macros for us balance druids as well, because an arms warrior isnt gonna figure out how to cast our magic just right, its gotta be us to do it <3

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Bump after updating it for new GSE and 9.2

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