One AutoHotKey to rule them All

Well as Shadowlands approaches and I have decided to resub, I thought I would give back to this wonderful community. So here is the AHK script I use.

It is one script that does not need reloading when you change toons or specs. You can set up every toon to have different ms fire rates and never have to alt tab out to change a thing. Once its set up, it just runs. Honestly the only reason it gets shut down on my PC is when I reboot. It should not interfere with any other programs you have running on multi-screens or tabbing out.

Ctrl + PageDown to suspend script (if you want to chat)
Ctrl + PageUP to reload script
Ctrl + End to terminate script
You can set up a main button time, secondary button time, and a default for all others.
It allows you to use AHK on buttons 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,-,=,[ across the top of the keyboard
Also 0-9 will take modifiers of Left: Shift:Ctrl:Alt

Again, Thanks for being a great community!

  1. Download and install AutoHotKey from thier site:

  2. Download WeakAuras 2 WOW add-on from Twitch/Curse or where ever you get your add-ons from.

  3. WeakAuras 2 import string(You do not need to modify):

  4. AutoHotKey Script (Copy into notepad and change the the file extention from .txt to .ahk) :

  5. Follow the instructions in the AHK Script to do a one time set up. Should be pretty straight forward but if you have questions feel free to ask.

  6. Profit !!!

I know two things will come up so.
1) Yes its legal :
2) I could put the set up in a nice neat GUI installing everything and you could just input your sleep times but… then it would be a .exe file and I personally never ever install a .exe file pertaining to World of Warcraft cause 90%, I believe, are just malware.


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