One button fishing macro

Is there any chance that someone has a one button macro for fishing?
to start fishing and collecting?

I have no intention of botting but it would make my life so much easier :stuck_out_tongue:


Well I do a lot of fishing,
but I have to kill mobs when fishing.
So, This my fishing macro.

#showtooltip [mod:alt]Misdirection;Concussive Shot
/use [worn:Fishing Pole]Fishing
/stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]
/use [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists]misdirection
/use [nomod]Concussive Shot
/use [mod:alt]Distracting Shot

Let me point out my fishing macro.

/use [worn:Fishing Pole]Fishing
/stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]

These two lines fish for me if I have a pole equiped.

I have a 2nd macro which equips my pole or weapon.

/equipslot [mod] 16 [Nat’s Lucky Fishing Pole]
/equipslot 16 [Gun]

So it’s one click to mount my pole or gun

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anything more automatic than that and its called a bot, and you can be banned

You can macro the casting, but not the collection. Sorry!

The first macros worked for me but the equiped pole or weapon for me is not working, probably because i don’t have the slot number right.

If you can help me i would like it very much.


Guess you missed the point.

/use [worn:Fishing Pole]Fishing
/stopmacro [worn:Fishing Poles]

is the first two lines of a bound key.
(In my case Key 2)
My hunter uses key 2 for pet and kill spells.
By having the command lines at the top of my hunter key 2 macro
It allows me to fish automatically by pressing key 2 if I have equip a fishing pole.
(remember to spell out the actual name of the fishing pole you are using.

As for weapon swapping, I use another action button that is not bound.
#show 16
/equipset [btn:1] Weapon1
/equipset [btn:2] Weapon2

I use the equip sets off the character screen to switchgear.
I just name them Weapon1 for the main weapon
and Weapon2 for Fishing Pole and fishing hats.

WIthout basically cheating the best thing to use is the addon Fishing Buddy (Linked above). It will do most of everything you need without catching the fish for you (Which I believe would be cheating).