One button macro for Demo

UPDATE: 6/11/2019
Have made some tweaks and corrected some errors that I noticed since leveling to 120 and running dungeons. The macro should now auto re-summon your Felguard if it dies. I also removed Call Dreadstalkers from the rotation as it is only really useful when it procs for instant cast, which I found works best when triggered manually. The shift mod is still there for Demonbolt, although I’ve started triggering it manually as well since the switch to using Dreadstalkers in the same manner. Feedback is always welcome.

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One button Demonology macro. Talents: 2112321

Simple rotation with a [Shift] mod for casting Demonbolt when it procs. Most of the talent choices are passive. It does use Soul Strike and Demonic Strength. Meant to be used with Felguard (Wrathguard if glyphed) and its abilities on auto-cast. Will auto summon demon if it dies.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.05.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Axe Toss

KeyPress: Demonbolt, Summon Felguard

Main Sequence: Shadow Bolt, Soul Strike, Demonic Strength, Hand of Gul’dan

finally have my really old warlock restored (used him when destro was a thing back in wotlk) and loved this macro gonna play around with it for a while!

works perfectly! Thanks

How fast do u use it?

Simple answer. Take your in game latency and add 10ms. My in game ping/latency is 72ms, so I run any macro at 82ms.

I use a Logitech G910 keyboard with the Logitech gaming software, I was testing it between 50 and 150 ms, but Austin Smith’s response is a very good starting point if not more than likely the best for you on your rig and isp. As with all the macros you’ll find on this website, no one macro will work best for everyone. There are just too many variables between internet service speeds, computer capabilities, and personal preference on settings, addon usage, etc etc.

I am very glad that those of you who are using my macro are finding it adequate for what you’re using it for. Now that i know people are actually using it, i’ll do my best to keep it up to date and working, as well as checking back more regularly.

I removed the line --/targetenemy [noharm][dead] but it is still attacking automatic…
Any idea?

I just took the click at Use/Head and worked…

what is your ahk settings to use the modifier in shift

First, make sure that the shift key is unbound in the keybinding settings.

After that, if you’re using an auto fire software, you should only need to hold the shift key down when Demonbolt procs. I leave the Demonbolt spell on an action bar slot so i can easily see when it has procced (lights up with a flashing gold/yellow border by default). If you’re manually pressing an action bar slot that has the macro assigned, then you’ll need to hold shift and press that key to fire Demonbolt.

Made some changes to the macro after getting my warlock to 120 and running dungeons etc. Updated the OP. Let me know what you guys think.