One Button Open

Hi Guys,

After a long time using the site I felt it was about time I contributed. This is something I created after trawling for every <Right Click To Open> just before MoP hit. I have been adding to it over the patches but its a good 1 button for all. If you have locked items in your bags it can cease the macro, additionally if you have say 20 Elder Lucky Charms and you open a bag that has one in… again that can stop it… Justice too.

For rogues I tried to add lockpick in this but it didnt work. easier to just keep it seperate

/use A Bulging Coin Purse
/use A Crazy Grab Bag	
/use A Dingy Fanny Pack
/use A Sack of Coins
/use A Small Container of Gems
/use Ahn'Qiraj War Effort Supplies
/use Alchemist's Cache
/use Aldor Supplies Package
/use Amber Encased Treasure Pouch
/use Arathor Advanced Care Package
/use Arathor Basic Care Package
/use Arathor Standard Care Package
/use Arcane Tarot
/use Arcane Trove
/use Ashen Sack of Gems
/use Bag of Empty Ooze Containers
/use Bag of Fishing Treasures
/use Bag of Shiny Things
/use Barrel of Fish
/use Battered Chest
/use Battered Junkbox
/use Big Bag of Arms
/use Big Bag of Food
/use Big Bag of Herbs
/use Big Bag of Jewels
/use Big Bag of Linens
/use Big Bag of Mysteries
/use Big Bag of Skins
/use Big Bag of Wonders
/use Blingtron 4000 Gift Package
/use Bloated Barbed Gill Trout
/use Bloated Catfish
/use Bloated Giant Sunfish
/use Bloated Mud Snapper
/use Bloated Redgill
/use Bloated Rockscale Cod
/use Bloated Salmon
/use Bloated Smallfish
/use Bloated Trout
/use Bounty of a Sundered Land
/use Box of Bombs
/use Box of Goodies
/use Box of Supplies
/use Brawler's Pet Supplies
/use Brawler's Purse
/use Brazie's Black Book of Secrets
/use Brilliant Glass
/use Brooding Darkwater Clam
/use Bundle of Nether Spikes
/use Cache of Mogu Riches
/use Cache of Sha-Touched Gold
/use Cache of Treasures
/use Cannary's Cache
/use Celestial Treasure Box
/use Cluster Rocket Recipes
/use Coalesced Turmoil
/use Colossal Bag of Loot
/use Corrupt Tested Sample
/use Covert Ops Pack
/use Cracked Egg
/use Cracked Primal Egg
/use Crate of Tasty Meat
/use Crudely Wrapped Gift
/use Cuergo's Hidden Treasure
/use Curious Crate
/use Curious Ticking Parcel
/use Darkmoon Pet Supplies
/use Defiler's Advanced Care Package
/use Defiler's Basic Care Package
/use Defiler's Standard Care Package
/use Demon Kissed Sack
/use Dented Crate
/use Dividends of the Everlasting Spring
/use Elementium Lockbox
/use Emerald Encrusted Chest
/use Eternium Lockbox
/use Fabled Pandaren Pet Supplies
/use Facets of Research
/use Fire Prism
/use Flame-Scarred Cache of Offerings
/use Flame-Scarred Junkbox
/use Froststeel Lockbox
/use Ghost Iron Lockbox
/use Giant Sack
/use Golden Chest of the Betrayer
/use Golden Chest of the Cycle
/use Golden Chest of the Elemental Triad
/use Golden Chest of the Golden King
/use Golden Chest of the Holy Warrior
/use Golden Chest of the Howling Beast
/use Golden Chest of the Lich Lord
/use Golden Chest of the Light
/use Golden Chest of the Regal Lord
/use Golden Chest of the Silent Assassin
/use Golden Chest of Windfury
/use Greater Cache of Treasures
/use Greater Darkmoon Prize
/use Gub's Catch
/use Heart-Shaped Box
/use Heavy Bronze Lockbox
/use Heavy Crate
/use Heavy Junkbox
/use Heavy Supply Crate
/use Hidden Stash
/use Hive Queen's Honeycomb
/use Hoard of the Black Dragonflight
/use Hollowed Bone Decanter
/use Hyldnir Spoils
/use Icy Prism
/use Imported Supplies
/use Inscribed Scrollcase
/use Iron Bound Trunk
/use Iron Lockbox
/use Ironbound Locked Chest
/use Keg-Shaped Treasure Chest
/use Khorium Lockbox
/use Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure
/use Kovic's Trading Satchel
/use Kum'isha's Junk
/use Landro's Pet Box
/use Lard's Special Picnic Basket
/use Large Cluster Rocket Recipes
/use Large Rocket Recipes
/use Large Sack of Ulduar Spoils
/use Large Satchel of Spoils
/use Lesser Darkmoon Prize
/use Loot-Filled Pumpkin
/use Lucky Box of Greatness
/use Lucky Red Envelope
/use Magically Wrapped Gift
/use Master Chef's Groceries
/use Minor Darkmoon Prize
/use Misty Satchel of Exotic Mysteries
/use Mithril Bound Trunk
/use Mithril Lockbox
/use Mr. Pinchy's Gift
/use Mysterious Lockbox
/use Mysterious Tarot
/use Nolkai's Box
/use Northrend Mystery Gem Pouch
/use Notes on Lightning Steel
/use Ogri'la Care Package
/use Old Man Thistle's Treasure
/use Oozing Bag
/use Ornate Bronze Lockbox
/use Outcast's Cache
/use Outrider Advanced Care Package
/use Outrider Basic Care Package
/use Outrider Standard Care Package
/use Package of Empty Ooze Containers
/use Pandaren Spirit Pet Supplies
/use Patroller's Pack
/use Pirate's Footlocker
/use Plump Intestines
/use Plundered Treasure
/use Pocket Full of Snow
/use Reinforced Crate
/use Reinforced Junkbox
/use Reinforced Locked Chest
/use Reinforced Steel Lockbox
/use Ripe Disgusting Jar
/use Ruined Jumper Cables
/use Sack of Crocolisk Belly
/use Sack of Emperor Salmon
/use Sack of Frosty Treasures
/use Sack of Giant Mantis Shrimp
/use Sack of Golden Carp
/use Sack of Green Cabbages
/use Sack of Jade Lungfish
/use Sack of Jade Squash
/use Sack of Jewel Danio
/use Sack of Juicycrunch Carrots
/use Sack of Krasarang Paddlefish
/use Sack of Mogu Pumpkins
/use Sack of Mushan Ribs
/use Sack of Pet Supplies
/use Sack of Pink Turnips
/use Sack of Raw Crab Meat
/use Sack of Raw Tiger Steaks
/use Sack of Raw Turtle Meat
/use Sack of Red Blossom Leeks
/use Sack of Redbelly Mandarin
/use Sack of Reef Octopus
/use Sack of Scallions
/use Sack of Striped Melons
/use Sack of Tiger Gourami
/use Sack of Ulduar Spoils
/use Sack of White Turnips
/use Sack of Wildfowl Breasts
/use Sack of Witchberries
/use Satchel of Chilled Goods
/use Satchel of Cosmic Mysteries
/use Satchel of Exotic Mysteries
/use Satchel of Freshly-Picked Herbs
/use Satchel of Helpful Goods
/use Satchel of Spoils
/use Scorched Rocket Boots
/use Scryer Supplies Package
/use Scum Covered Bag
/use Sealed Crate
/use Sealed Scroll Case
/use Sentinel Advanced Care Package
/use Sentinel Basic Care Package
/use Sentinel Standard Care Package
/use Shadowy Tarot
/use Shattered Sun Supplies
/use Shiny Pile of Refuse
/use Silkworm Cocoon
/use Slimy Bag
/use Small Chest
/use Small Locked Chest
/use Small Spice Bag
/use Spectral Mount Crate
/use Spoils of Theramore
/use Standard Apothecary Serving Kit
/use Steel Lockbox
/use Stolen Present
/use Stormtouched Cache
/use Strange Bloated Stomach
/use Strange Tarot
/use Strong Iron Lockbox
/use Strong Junkbox
/use Sturdy Junkbox
/use Sturdy Locked Chest
/use Sunreaver Bounty
/use Thaurissan Family Jewels
/use Thorium Lockbox
/use Tightly Sealed Trunk
/use Tiny Titanium Lockbox
/use Tiny Treasure Chest
/use Titanium Lockbox
/use Tome of the Crane
/use Tome of the Serpent
/use Tome of the Tiger
/use Torwa's Pouch
/use Treasures from Grim Batol
/use Twisted Treasures of the Vale
/use Unclaimed Black Market Container
/use Un'Goro Tested Sample
/use Unsealed Chest
/use Vine-Cracked Junkbox
/use Voren'thal's Package
/use Water-Filled Gills
/use Waterlogged Crate
/use Watertight Trunk
/use Winner's Reward
/use Worn Junkbox
/use Zen'Vorka's Cache

Nice list! But its over the 1024 character limit. How would I implement this?

Hello Rethed, I’m not sure if this still works but you can read this post on how to increase past 1024 characters for MacroToolkit.

I use SupaDupaMacro Addon

Hasnt given me any issues.

You can also add Mote of Harmony and other mats that can be gathered.

And if you want it to stop lockup you can add a

/stopcasting between each

Thanks. Ill try your suggestions!