One key to cast frozen orb, or blizzard if frozen orb is on cooldown

Hi folks.

I’d hoped that: putting:

/cast Frozen Orb
/cast [@cursor] Blizzard

in the centre box in GSE would always cast Frozen Orb if it was available, then Blizzard if not.

It doesn’t. I can never tell which of the two will be cast if both are up. :slight_smile:

I tried changing the evaluation from sequential to priority… and that seemed to help a bit… but still not 100%.

So, I duplicated the /cast Frozen Orb line 10 times. Now it mostly works. But sometimes it will cast Blizzard even if frozen orb is up.

I need your advice. What is the best way of casting Frozen Orb if it not on cooldown, or casting Blizzard if it is?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

– gyre –

Welcome to macros in WoW. There is NO guaranteed way to do an If Frozen Orb Else Blizzard You need to experiment and find a way that works for how you play. Alternatives include different step functions, using a mod key or just plain experimenting.

Blizzard wants YOU the player to make the decision to use one over the other not a Mod or Macro and as such actively prevents mods or macros from being able to act based on if a spell is on cooldown or the state of the GCD etc.

Thanks. I do understand Blizzard’s point of view.

I’ve actually run out of mod keys to use with my frost mage.

I’ve used control, and alt, and shift and all combinations of. I feel like a poor piano player or gnu emacs user while playing WoW :slight_smile:

I found out the hard way that alt+f4 did some funky things under Windows :slight_smile: Also alt+TAB (note to self… don’t TAB-target when the alt key is held down :slight_smile: )

I’d use the windows key… but as yet I’ve not managed to get that working.

I was just wondering if I’d mis-configured gse.

Did you not expect something to happen at all? XD

Alt + F4 is the unviersal key short cut to terminate apps / close windows ( since the beginings of windows GUI )


I knew about alt+f4… but forgot while finding a spare f-key to bind. I sure knew about it soon afterwards. :slight_smile:

I’m a Linux person… I only swap to windows for WoW. Still investigating getting WoW running fast enough under Linux. :slight_smile: