Only 5 macros - still has the message for 18

please help.

i have 1 macro on pally.
5 on hunter.
1 on hunter has no icon and i am trying to make icon for 3 more.

so i will have 4 icons active on hunter and 1 on pally.

i am no where near close to 18. yet on 3 hunter macros i cant create as the message keeps coming up that i have 18?

please help

hi mate,

that happen to me too, just go to your macros and you have general macros AND you char name specific macros and thats the 1, that happen because you have old macros in the char name specific macros.

hope it help you

GSE Templates need an entry in WoW’s /macro to operate. As mentioned you can have 18 character specific macros stored in /macro. This is a Blizzard limit not a GSE limit.

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