Only cast when instant

Is this even a thing anymore ? I noticed none of the old ones work anylonger anytime you have stop casting in the sequence it cancels everything .

You have to use a pause block to protect the previous spell from being clipped by the /stopcasting If the previous spell is a 3 second cast then you need a 3 second pause to allow it to complete. If it’s an instant then you need a gcd pause. This assumes that you have GSE’s external timing matching to the MS any spam speed you use externally to the game as if they don’t match pauses won’t work.

can you give me an example ? As if I was gonna do it on a fire mage for pyroblast atm I am using scorch 1.3 sec cast I used a 1.3 sec pause and still wont cast . So I had /cast pyroblast /pause 1.3 /cast scorch in seperate blocks and in the same . Both my GSE and my Ique set at 100ms

So using the pause block I can get it to work but its not cancelling the Pyroblast cast until halfway through . No matter what I pick GCD or changing the ms pause length always the same . Is there a way to make it cancel the cast right away if it isnt a instant cast ? Right now I have it as

block 1 /cast scorch
block 2 is Pause ms
block 3 /cast pyroblast
block 4 /stopcasting
It dose cancel the cast but like I said not until halfway through the cast what do I need to do to make this happen instantly if it isnt instant cast ?