Opening old macro just to see the code

Hello fellow lazy clickers.

I have been meaning to open a wow classic macro from 2019 just to see and use part of the code. I don’t need to make it work on gse3.
This one:
Do you know if and How can I open it?
Thank you

Unfortunately you are going to have to find a GSE version from 2019 and install it on a client that is connected to a private shadowlands or BFA server. That code is tied to the WoW API version it was made in. It just won’t decompile on the current client.

Thank you.
Actually it’s a Wow classic vanilla macro. Is the client the same as the actual wow classic?
Where could I find a GSE version of 2019 that can use with the actual client? If that is possible?

As DZf’s changes have been backbported to Classic you’re going to need a private Classic variety. Then there is the issue of you’re going to need to build and compile a GSE version for just that client. All I can say is … good luck with that.

To follow on from this, it’s taken 5 months to complete but I have created an addon to GSE that will import/convert these old strings. It is included in the Patron GSE version and available from the GSE Patron’s Discord.