Opinion on competition for my twitch channel

Ok this is what I am thinking…
I suck at art and graphics and I am looking to overhaul my twitch page (button graphics, header and logo, etc) so I was thinking of running a competition. The entry of course being the theme and logo for my twitch page, But I don’t know what would make a good prize for being chosen.

I was considering the following two options A) 2 custom macros. Or B) A WoW store mount (excluding the Warforged Nightmare)

What are your thoughts?

  • Custom Macros
  • Store Mount

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I wouldn’t do the custom macro - too hard to keep ownership of the IP.

IP? Would one Store mount be a fair prize do you think?

Intellectual Property.

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What i mean by that is that there are read only and blackbox macro types in GSE, however its not bullet proof and the macros still can be exported and shared if you want to work at it.

Another and maybe preferable item would be some game time.

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