Optimizing & Mastering GSE

So…I have used GSE for 3 expansions and really enjoy it.
However, I have had real issues ever getting great dps out of it…no matter the spec & no matter the macro.
I spam-tap the macro’s assigned key…even through the GCD. This issue has persisted for a long time…and I am sure others must be having the same issue.
I am lucky if I get 5k+ on single target. Multi-target isn’t an issue at all.

Please read my notes below & offer ANY advice you can:

1- I am i240 Destro…and my stats are: INT: 1874, Crit: 424, Haste: 702, Mast: 857, V: 124…with 262 Cinders.
2- I have tried both mod-based & straight tapping macros with the same luck…usually sequential. would a priority macro style work better for spamming?
3- should I be only tapping when the GCD is done…or constantly?

I appreciate anyone’s thoughts on this. Really tried getting this to work…but I am sitting at the bottom of the meters :frowning:

Honestly, most macros made here are tailored to the way that certain player plays the game. Some go for parses, others just want a solid rotation to get through things. You might honestly be better off making your own.

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Fix your macro that you’re using is my advice.
Use Raidbots to see where your DPS stands ballpark-wise.

I don’t play Warlock but Icy Veins should tell you what stat you should be aiming for. (Raidbots will to.)

Test both styles on a Training Dummy and see which one gives you the best DPS.

Constantly tapping is best, imo.


To optimise you need to know the following:

  • Exactly what you need to do to get the most out of your class. On a perfect day what should you be capable of with the gear and stats your character has. This is where SIMming comes in.
  • What did the SIM do that you don’t currently do. What abilities did it use in different spaces that you do differently - This is what you are aiming to replicate in GSE
  • Exactly what you want the macro to do. How much do you want manual control over how much do you just want to happen?

From there you have the following constraints:

  • GSE can only attempt 1 GCD ability per hardware event (click)
  • In GSE3, you edit a template and from that template GSE compiles a macro. You are not directly editing your macro in GSE but you can see the output via “Compiled Template”
  • Each Box (action) is tied to one click
  • you will need to spend a lot of time going over /gse debug and Details Streamer to determine what your macro is doing and why. All of this information is needed to be able to tweak your GSE template to adjust your macro.
  • Your solution will be the best for you but be prepared for people telling you “you’re doing it wrong”. This is called opinion and conjecture and needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Macros are unique to the person. Using another persons macro may get you 50-70% of the way but to get past that you need to adjust it for yourself.

No one “knows” this stuff they have all had to learn it via time, patience, trial and error. Sad part is so many people are happy with the 50-70% they don’t bother spending the time to get better. And you also need the right enchants, potions, food, etc - a macro wotn do crap if you don’t do these things.


HUGE help. Exactly what I needed. Not as obvious as one might think. Thanks!

Hey may i ask what macro your running with?