Other tools besides GSE?

With TimothyLuke stopping development and headed off to Wrath Classic, are there any other macro tools still out there? Back in the days before GSE there were a few others, but I’m not aware of any that have been maintained, as they all got beaten down in favor of GSE.

Looks like anyone on retail is going to be in for some rough times unless we find some other tools, or someone else picks up the mantle.

@TimothyLuke is this gentleman what is telling true?

Or its just misinformation and fake news.


PS: @karl-jacobs-395 wait to the GOAT at least to his response before launching words to the air, as far as i know theres no fixed post, not even in github nor here.

PS2: feel free to delete this post after getting the information right.


Tim was addressed this in Discord, sadly.

If nothing happens by Dragon Flight then it looks like I won’t be playing either without a working GSE for retail.

NOT playing Wrath all over again. Sure, it was a great expansion but been there, done that.

Time will tell us.

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im not one for flaming someone for a legitimate question…and it would appear that subsequent posts have verified the original posters ‘RUMOR’. In any case, and in all fairness, I am withholding my final thoughts once Mr TimothyLuke has had a chance to qualify the answer… if he so feels the need to do so… This has been a great site for assistance to many of us with disabilities and and assistance in playing the game… It would seem that all the advice comments of ‘restructure the macro’ and ‘make/try/change/ to your needs’ advice appointed to non-macro makers just got shot in the ass somewhat… anyway… just my thoughts with the subject matter… cheers everyone.


Please refer to @TimothyLuke’s comments in Discord.

“You have convinced me to not bother about Dragonflight. You are a testament to the entitled generation who contribute nothing yet somehow feel that everyone else’s time should be spent in service to them. Thank you that’s 180 hours back that I can use to play the game instead.”

Now if he changes his mind, that’s great for all of us, but he stated his disinterest in Dragonflight, frustration with the entitled masses, and desire to play Wrath Classic instead.

Join the discussion in the Discord, which is where he was making his statements.

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He also has stated in the forums here about this.

Hadn’t seen it mentioned here. Time will tell I suppose. But it’s good to make people aware this might happen, so they can consider their options well in advance of DF, including perhaps not ordering, or starting to learn to play without GSE.

I was being trolled and insulted so I trolled back. Quote the entire conversation where I was called a heartless uncaring git who was being lazy and couldn’t be stuffed.

I have been extremely consistent in everything I have said relating to Dragon Flight.

  1. I won’t be playing it personally. It doesn’t interest me. WotLK was the most fun I have ever had in WoW and that’s what I will be playing.

  2. GSE depends on a number of libraries. Those libraries are still working through the changes themselves and it will be a couple of weeks before I can assess what that means for GSE.

  3. in its current form there is around 180 hours work for me to update GSE for DF.

  4. GSE’s development is funded by its own Patrons. GSE is not WLM’s mod, it is a mod used by WLM as well as other communities and groups. It will depend on them if it is worth me spending that amount of time on. If they are not playing DF then there is not really an urgency for me to support it.

  5. The time required to update for DF in the way it currently looks would force me to take leave without pay which I simply cannot afford to do as the number of people who actually support GSE equates to enough to pay for my WoW sub and buy a cup of coffee a week.

  6. It may be that DF doesnt launch till December 31 but as they say it will launch then at the latest or sometime before. I don’t know how long we have to get this all done.

  7. There has been an unrealistic expectation that the second Beta hit GSE would be magically ready. While I had alpha access no mods were enabled in alpha and we are still finding out a week later after beta has been available about changes to the API as Blizzard don’t document anything and it has to be found out by trial and error. Also those APIs are still changing daily.

As for the what else is out there. There isn’t. GSE is very much a one of a kind.

The TLDR is I don’t know yet if GSE will be possible or what it will look like. There is a lot of unknowns and we don’t have answers yet on how that will wash out. There is between 120 and 180 hours work to update GSE for Dragonflight.

API - Application Programming Interface. The parts of WoW that are exposed for mod developers to use.

Any announcements on GSE will be on GSE’s GitHub as that is my site. This isn’t.



Thanks for that detailed clarification. It’s helpful for those unfamiliar with software development. (I do IT, so I know how thankless this can be).

All the best regardless of how this turns out.


Thank you TimothyLuke for the honest clarification of whats going on and how its being approached pertaining to WLM. Whatever happens know that your dedication, intelligence and passion has kept it all afloat and will never be forgotten should it ever cease… .happy trails my friend and good luck to all your endeavors.

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i remember when gse all started way back. i don’t care what you do, I have been a fan since day one. thanks for the fish!

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IF GSE ever went away, so would I. It’s the only way I enjoy this game. Timothy has probably helped hundreds of thousands of people enjoy playing this game.