Outlaw Rogue: Eviscerate / Dispatch issue

Hello, maybe I’m stupid and missing something, but I can’t figure this one out.

I’ve been using GSE for years and this is the first time I run into an issue.

For Outlaw Rogues, at some point the “Eviscerate” skill changes to “Dispatch”.

Now when I type “Dispatch” in an /castsequence (like the following one for example)

/castsequence reset=target Pistol Shot, Sinister Strike, Crimson Vial, Sinister Strike, Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, Dispatch, Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, Dispatch, Sinister Strike, Pistol Shot, Dispatch

When I click the Save button, close the macro and open it again, GSE always change back all the “Dispatch” to “Eviscerate”.

And in turn, Dispatch never fires.

Maybe I’m missing something, any other rogue out there with this issue?

It’s an issue but not really … it will still perform the Dispatch ability even though it says ‘eviscerate’

You shouldn’t put your Crimson Vial in the sequence … it will freeze the sequence until Vial comes off cool-down

Thanks for your reply, indeed it was my macro.

I fixed it like you said and then Dispatch fired.


GSE saves the BASE SPELL for an ability. This started in BFA or Legion (I cant remember which) where Talents and Procs would change an ability (very temporarily for procs, more permanently for talents) into an updated version. The simplest of these examples ins Paladin’s Avenging Wrath and the talent Crusade. If you put ‘/cast Avenging Wrath’ into a macro and had the talent for Crusade it would cast Crusade. If however, you had ‘/cast Crusade’ and no longer had the talent, your macro would never cast Avenging Wrath.

While this worked - underneath the covers I had a list, and was checking it twice to determine which spells replaced which. As it was manual it missed some and in a few cases had the wrong combination. In working through Shadowlands changes I found Blizzards function to get the base spell from any ability. What we didn’t know then but know now is that Spec changes change a base spell into a spec specific variant. For Priests, Flash Heal becomes Shadow Mend when you swap to shadow. You found the relationship between Eviserate and Displatch.

What this also means is that we can write a macro to work across specs now. Whether you would want to do that or not is another matter.

Semper fi! The Crimson Vial was hanging my sequence up as well! I was using Elfyau’s EA_OR_OB macro, and could NOT figure out what was hanging it up. I was about to give up on leveling my lowbie Outlaw Rogue all together! Mapped Crimson Vial to a separate key. Thanks so much!