Outlaw - Slice and Dice - BFA 8.1.5

deleted … peace out community

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Mythic 4 Freehold - Multi-target this thing is OP - single target meh (could be because I am not very good or cuz its a mythic with something else going on … i feel the single target DPS boss fights the DPS was a bit low ) - prolly a Mythic thing because it performed very well in LFR’s … dunno


What ms you are using the macro? I gave it 10 min try on target dummy 50ms and im getting 91-93% of my sim dps. I’ll try it in mythic+ later tonight and return with feedback.
But as first look it is pretty impressive.

100ms …

Rogue macros seem to operatr better when firing slower … 100-150 seemed to be the sweet spot

I seem to get much better results with this version (which was modified for Slice/Dice as I hate and still do, Roll the Bones)


I still need to hit some keys manually as not everything lines up exactly, so I have:
f3=Between the Eyes
f4=Blade Flurry (don’t use it since its on a modifier)
f5=Adrenalin (don’t use it, its on a modifier)
2=Pistol Shot
4=macro key (held down constantly)

I’m using 50ms as I have other toons and it really does not make much difference between 100 or 35.

You’r mileage will vary based on gear.


lol ya Roll the Bones is so stupid RNG … spending way too much time ‘rerolling’ just to find a good buff to keep … c’mon …

How to Choose Traits

huh ?

hey what do i have to change or how does the macro look like if i want to trigger roll the bones myself?

Hey man love the macro!!!
Can you hook me up with a profile link for your ElvUI? Super clean!

I second thatrequest. UI is amazingly clean and the Macro is superb! Great work

3rd that request for ur UI it looks so amazing

guys don’t work to me you don’t just activate the button you can help me?

anyone using this in 8.2?

i have been using a new one that utilizes roll the bones… rtb (even with only one buff) sim’s like +10% more dps

Could you share your new on brother?

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I second this! I miss lord bhaal!