Ozzi Traume/FoB Build

EDIT: Removed Cleave from the macro, as it was hanging up a little. I’m going to look at making an AoE Macro soon to implement it into. Also, I’ve noticed a little rage capping, so I’m testing out Sweeping Strikes over Dauntless and will let you know how it goes.

Hi Guys, long term user, first time posting!

I thought i’d give back to the community by sharing my Trauma/FoB macro, seeing most are Rend builds.
This seems to be working well at the moment, for general dungeons, leveling, questing etc

I’ve kept Warbreaker & Bladestorm on seperate keybinds, as I generally save them for AoE situations or if Colossus smash is on CD.

Also, Slam is not in the macro, as the “Fervor Of Battle” talent makes your whirlwinds do more dps than slam for single target.

I have Mortal Strike in front of Execute for now, due to Executioner’s Precision Artifact Talent. Which means when you cast Execute, your next MS will do 75% more damage when it comes off cooldown.

Let me know what you guys think and what I should change, cheers!

P.S = If you love Arms warriors and want to learn more! Check out the Arms Compendium! it’s got everything you need to know.
Here’s the Link:


Sequences['Ozzi-FoB-ST'] = {
-- This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.1.06.
  Talents = "1312122",
  MacroVersions = {
    [1] = {
      StepFunction = "Priority",
        "/targetenemy [noharm][dead]",
        "/cast [combat] Battle Cry",
        "/cast Colossus Smash",
        "/cast Mortal Strike",
        "/cast Execute",
        "/cast Victory Rush",
        "/cast Whirlwind",

one of the best macros so far damage good

So I am looking over your macro and I have several questions.

  1. why are you using [nochanneling]? Arms warriors don’t have channels?
  2. Why are you using Victory Rush? they way you have it designed it uses it when available. I would think you would want to use it when you need it most not waste a GCD.
  3. Cleave and Whirlwind should not replace Slam or Rend. Why are you wasting rage on non-AOE groups? I would think you would use your Artifact weapon to get Colossus Smash debuffs out then use Cleave followed by Whirlwind.
  4. Why waste Battle Cry on cooldown? You should use it when Bladstorm or Ravager is up…

Slam applies Trama does more damage to single targets. Can reset Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash.
Cleave with Artifact points into Void Cleave followed with Whirlwind applies Trama and does massive AOE dmg. Can reset Mortal Strike and Colossus Smash.

I think your heading the right direction but you are confused on the Compendium doc.

Hey Nenii,

Thanks for the reply. This is my first macro I’ve made, so it’s going to be a little dodgy.

  1. I’ve just updated the macro and removed the no-channeling from the lines, thanks.

  2. I have Victory rush in it, as the macro is intended for lazy questing, dailies and general use. You can remove the “/cast Victory Rush” line from the macro if you wish to key bind it separate.

3.Whirlwind does replace Rend and Slam, as this is a Trauma/FoB build, there is no Rend talent selected to use in the rotation.

The Fervor of Battle talent increases your whirlwind damage by 80% to your primary target, which is slightly more dps than using slam. So therefore Whirlwind is now used for Single target and Multiple target rotations.

I also mentioned to keep Warbreaker on a seperate keybind. This is for exactly what you were saying, for aoe groups, Bladestorming and if Colossus Smash has fallen off the target and on Cooldown etc. I didn’t want to put it in the macro, because I would have Colossus Smash and Warbreaker overlapping each other. I might look at making and AoE macro for this later on or setting up a Modshift key.

  1. I’ve kept Battle Cry in the macro, as it’s only on a 1 minute cooldown. You are correct about using it for a big aoe pull, or boss fights. But on such a short cooldown, I like to have it casting without me thinking about clicking it every 1 minute.