Patch 5.4 Changes to Warlocks

For the most part, Warlocks will play the same as they have been all expansion. The main new issue is how MG and FF works together now. Fel Flame is losing it’s DoT enrichment so the question is if it’s worth it or not.

From what Blizzard wants us to do is to use Fel Flame on the run, similar to Scorch for Mages. While the change isn’t really needed as Fel Flame wasn’t used often enough by most Destro Locks.

Also the biggest change is that Warlocks can not longer cast on the move from a passive standpoint. It’s now an active ability, and while useful, it will now be used with a two step macro along with Burning Rush. I don’t see the point to keep them separate as you want to cast and move at the same time and why not do it at a faster speed too.

Right now as I see it, I’m not sure if FF is worth putting in any macro right now. It’s way too situational, and we have no idea how the fights are going to be in SoO. In ToT, I can see using that on almost every fight.

Cast and move has been changed once again. Now KJC will allow you to cast and move, but only a few spells. There is a penalty for doing this.

If this remains the same, than our normal 5.2 macro should work minus Fel Flame.

Here is an actual guide on it:

Michael I have followed you for some time now and enjoy your skill. With all these changes would you be willing to update this post with current macros or at least a link to the ones that actually work as of this moment?

I have finally leveled every single class to 90 and Warlock was my last class. I think I love it the most now!

Say what? freak =) I am the same way…

After a 2+ year hiatus, I am attempting to level as many classes as possible to 90…only got six there so far - those were the ones sitting at 80. From scratch got a Druid and Mage to 52 and 62 respectively. I will not level a hunter =9 probably just save that as my one free “to 90” with next expansion. But who knows, if I get done early, need something to do.

I am married with newborn, so don’t have much time for anything organized…or even to deeply learn a single class. That’s why I love this site so much. =) Lazy macros for the win!