Penance Clipping :(

I am running Cyms Rollerdisco for healing and Kevins ddps for my dps macro. Today in the middle of a bg all of my macros stopped casting Penance. The channeling cast bar pops up for a split second then goes away and Penance is put on cooldown as if it was cast. I thought maybe i was spamming too fast so i went to a target dummy and hit it manually very slow. It did the same thing when i hit button manually with about 1 sec between presses. What could be wrong?

make sure every other line in your macros has the [nochanneling] condition in them because it sounds like another spell is being cast directly after u start channeling pennance and its vutting it off

Also make sure you’re not using an active Trinket on use as that will not be set for [nochanneling] and will clip your penance

damn showoff, lol

I went into gse and toggled off the trinkets and its all back to normal. Thanks for the help! Now to see if i can do this mage tower with it!

ok, had to make sure this idea would work before posting…

@tyreek, I assume that means that you actually have trinkets that are on use. If you would like to continue to use them, but not clip penance, try these lines of code in your post macro:

/use [combat, nochanneling] 13
/use [combat, nochanneling] 14