Pet Attacking Random Mobs

I’m having an issue and not sure what is happening. These macros for a hunter no matter which one I use seems to send my wolf flying to other mobs and I’m getting yelled at in mythic +. Not sure if it’s something that is in these macros that could be causing it … cuz if I don’t use the macros it doesn’t happen. Please help!

take out the auto attack line in the macro then it wont dop it also make sure pet is set to passive

Yes my pet is set to passive … so take out the whole autoattack line?

yes or just do what i do and when the target is at low health turn macro of and use cobra shot

Turn it off? As in just stop pushing it? I have done that before but sometimes I don’t stop it fast enuff and there he goes … it’s just getting really bad and I’m sick of getting yelled at lol

Your pets are like mine…they have anger issues…seek help for them now or they’ll turn on you.

i made a oh shit get back here macro


Haha tyty so much! I’ll for sure add that to my bar!

i dont see auto attack in the marco … attached is the macro … which line do i need to delete so my pet stops going off on random attacking things.

@sportsfan The auto attack is the /targetenemy [noharm][dead] in the KeyPress section. Just remove that line and you’ll be ok. Only thing is that if your enemy dies, you’ll have to manually target the other enemies.

It’s the combination of the auto-targeting (the first line) and the petattack command for your second line. So even if you’re not in range of your abilities (or even in combat for that matter), if you can target the next mob, your pet will be sent to attack it regardless.

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Ty so much … I’m going to remove the pet attack line and see if that helps … that way I don’t have to tab target …

I moved the icon for auto attack run up near my eyes on the screen. I can see if it is still flashing and can stop auto shot faster. Also keep pet on passive. Even so the pet can still take off if there are distant enemy dps eg Mages or Warlocks or Hunters who are shooting and the pet is struck. Let him die and feign death

You could also move the camera down. The autotarget macro will always target mobs that you can see.

remove “petattack” as well.