Please 5.3 Guardian Tank WORKING MACROS

Hello all,

There are such few bear tanks and I love mine, I just really would love to have real tested working macros instead of post after post of non working macros that pull like 20k DPS in all 522+ gear.

If anyone has real working macros for bear, single and a awesome AOE Target That would be amazing. The ones I am using now are obsolete. I understand it is a pain to make these but so many of us love these very much, and truly appreciate the passion for the macros that actually work.

If anyone has real working macros please post them here. Thank you. Happy gaming.

Things to consider before making a bold claim like “this macro is crap” or even saying they don’t work: you have to know a) how to play your character. This means learn the proper rotation without a one button macro. b) Learn how to properly gem, enchant and reforge your bear. Most importantly, c) target dummy DPS is not raid DPS because of the buff your raid DPS will shoot thru the roof if you are the main tank. I won’t go into detail because everyone knows how to use Google, but this thread www[dot]mmo-champion[dot]com/threads/1260910-Guardian-PVE-DPS will give everyone an idea of what your bear should be doing as far as DPS goes.

Hope this helps,