Please help with gladiator macro.

I need macros for a prot gadiator warrior, but i simply can´t manage the gnome sequencer. If somebody could post some MacroToolkit macros i´d be so thankfull.

I would also be very great full for anyone that would make a Macro Toolkit macro for Gladiator Warrior.

I 3rd this request.

I asked for macro without gnome sequencer

Just use it!!! here is a video on how very easy!!!

Thank you! I was able to get this to work now!

Try here.

ty so much man

i did exactly as the video and when i go ingame to make the macro same as the sequencer name, nothing shows on the enter macro command box. so i try to put in #showtooltip /click name of the sequencer and this dont work either. please help im lost

nvm guys i fix it!

Tha’s normal just put it on your bar

That’s normal just put it on your bar