Please Help

Sequences[‘Cyrax’] = {
specID = 581,
author = “Cyrax”,
helpTxt = “3,1”,
PreMacro = [[
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
“/cast Torment”,
“/cast Empower Wards”,
“/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] Shear, Shear, Shear,Shear,Shear”,
“/castsequence reset=13 [nochanneling] Immolation Aura”,
“/castsequence [combat,nochanneling] Shear, Shear, Soul Cleave”,
“/castsequence reset=13 [nochanneling] Immolation Aura”,
“/castsequence reset=3 !Throw Glaive”,
PostMacro = [[
/use [combat,nochanneling] 13
/use [combat,nochanneling] 14

Can Not Get The Immolation Aura To Cast But Other Then That Rest Seem To Be Working

Use Daxton Macro!. It works like a charm.