please make a pvp macro

Things it needs. You cant just put all cooldowns into a pvp macro like the one posted. In pvp we need all CD’s on a seperate macro. What we need is a basic rotation while we wait on cd’s. Windsong is about the only thing needed in rotation. Its up enough to line up our cd’s with it. THe macro should prioritize stormstrike and windstrike when we pop cd’s. A modifier such as hold down shift for crash lighting. Frostbrand should be first and never fall off. Thanks
PVP burst macro
#showtooltip Ascendance
/cast Feral Spirit
/cast Bloodlust
/cast Blood Fury(Racial)
/cast Ascendance
/cast Doom Winds(Artifact)
/use Saltwater Potion
/script UIErrorsFrame:Clear()
THis could use a cast skyfury or windwlker totem in it but it bugs when i try. Any suggestions